Application for registration at STRALANG Institute

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Admission conditions 

Enrolling at Stralang Institute for language courses implies the complete and entire agreement of the student with the following terms and conditions:

General conditions 

You can register by  e-mail or in person at the Stralang Institute. The Institute is open every day in the week from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.


Pre-registration is especially designed  for students who need “long stay” visa (please see the entry and residence conditions on French territory) or willing to complete their registration at Stralang.

Pre-registration can be done online, by mail or in person at the institute:

  • Read the general registration conditions carefully.

  • Fill out and send in the registration form, dated and signed.

  • Please include with the registration form 200€ as a partial payment of the total tuition fee of the chosen course/courses. The remaining amount will be due in full before delivering the pre-registration certificate and also a non-refundable 100€ processing fee.

  • Please send a copy of a document that verifies your payment (money transfer or payment order).

Once the registration form and payment document (or copy of your payment) are received, Stralang will confirm reception of the documents within 48 hours, via e-mail or fax.

Final registration 

When you register, the following conditions must be met :

  • Be at least 16 years of age.

  • Present a valid passport with a long stay visa or,  in case of EU nationals, the national identity card.

  • Fill out and submit the registration form.

  • A copy of a secondary education diploma, certified according to the original.

  • Prepare 1 passport photo with your name written on the back.

  • Pay the remaining amount due for the tuition fees.

The total price includes :

  • Tuition: depending on the chosen program.
  • 100€ nonrefundable processing fee.

A registration certificate will be issued only when the tuition has been paid in full.


Payment from abroad :

Payment can be made abroad either online, by writing a check or by making a postal-order payable to Stralang Institute.  In the case of a postal-order, please attach the original to the postal receipt.

By bank transfer :

All bank or financial fees are the student’s responsibility. Only sums that are actually credited to the Institute’s bank account will be credited toward your payments.
IMPORTANT : If your advance is by a bank transfer, then you will need to send us a copy of your transfer by post, fax or e-mail. Please mention your name so that your registration can be recorded.

Bank code

Branch code

Account number





CIC Est 3 place Dauphine 67100 Strasbourg/France 

Bénéficiaire :

IBAN : FR 76 3008 7330 0500 0201 7060 150


On-site payment 

The payment can be made in person, by check or in cash. All documents sent by post must be posted to the following address : 

Stralang 16 rue Jean-Henri Schnitzler 67000, Strasbourg/France or by Fax: +33 (0)9. 59. 72. 23. 06


A registration or a pre-registration certificate will be issued only after making the due payment. All course fees and accommodation must be paid in full on the first day of the course at the latest.


The administration reserves the right to modify prices, dates and formulas without notice.

Withdrawal and reimbursement

Any tuition fees which have already been paid will not be refunded. There are a few exceptions regarding this rule. In the case of major events, such as visa refusal confirmed by the French Consulate, serious illness certified by a doctor, the death of a relative (parents, brothers, sisters, children) certified by an official document or an accident leading to serious injury which also need to be certified by an official document.

Any paid tuition fees may be considered for reimbursement by Stralang Institute only if one of the reasons above is proven.

Only written requests are considered for reimbursement or withdrawal. In the case of a major force event, reimbursement will be considered if the cancellation is made at least 30 days before the starting date of the course or in the case of an unanticipated departure. A reimbursement of 50% will only be considered when documentary evidences and a written request are submitted to Stralang Institute.

After the final registration and once the student starts classes, no refunds will be made for any reason.

The school reserves the right to modify or cancel any class at any time. In the case of a class cancellation, the school will try its very best to propose an alternative time to the student.

Private classes : Any cancellation or rescheduling of classes by the student must be made at noon the day before the class is scheduled; otherwise the class will be charged to the student.

French federal holidays/school closings

The school is closed during all French federal holidays and in certain weeks for vacation during the school year. All holidays and closing dates are posted in the school and on the billboard of the Institute.

Image use 

The school may take photos in which students appear. These photos may be used in brochures or in  the website unless a student expressly declines his/her participation.  This declaration must be submitted in writing to the school during registration.

Access rights to digital information

Information collected from students during registration is not transmitted to any physical person or firm except those that are expressly authorized to view said information.

All students can ask the school about the usage of his/her information and rectify said usage if necessary, in accordance with law N° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978, concerning digital documents and rights.


The entry and residence conditions in France for a long stay are different from those of a tourist visa. People coming from abroad are responsible for complying with French rules and laws, (passport, visa residency card). They need to be covered by a personal insurance in case of accident, illness or damage towards persons’ goods. Documents and evidence may be requested.

A pre-registration certificate will be given after the tuition is paid. It will be reimbursed (except the nonrefundable registration fee of 100€) in case of visa refusal, which has to be justified by documentary evidence from consulate authorities.

In case of anticipated cessation of the course, any course started must have been fully attended according to the registration form signed by the student. No reimbursement will be done in case of late arrival or unexpected sudden departure.

Once the advance amount is credited to our bank, at your request, we will send you the pre-registration certificate corresponding to the chosen course/courses (this certificate is required by French visa service).

Attention : ​If there is any delay in obtaining your visa, it is possible to delay your start day of classes upon presentation of documentary evidence. It is recommended to consult each Campus France located within the French consulates or embassies of the countries concerned because the procedures for obtaining a visa may be different from country to country and depends on the personal situation, professional, family and financial situation of the candidate for a visa.

In any case do not hesitate to contact us for any information.


Only the school’s management has the authority to make the decision to refund or postpone missed courses.
Any claims concerning services rendered by Stralang should be made by registered mail addressed to the headquarters of Stralang, 16 rue Jean-Henri Schnitzler 67000 Strasbourg. Any claims should be made during the week following the end of the course.
In case of litigation the parties agree that the case shall be judged under the jurisdiction of the Strasbourg Courts.


Before coming to France, you must verify that you are insured for any medical expense or trip cancellation. However, it is strongly recommended to sign up for a full civil insurance coverage against accidents, illness etc. The Institute does not take any responsibility for students during their trip. Documentary evidence will be required.

Good attendance

At the end of your courses, you will be given a certificate by the Institute. It is necessary to make a request at the school office during the last week of course. This certificate will be issued only if the student has attended at least 70% of scheduled classes. Any prolonged or unjustified absence could lead to dismissal or an alert to the Prefecture’s Office. Registration for any course at Stralang implies acceptance of all the above rules.



STRALANG aims to teach you French in the best way in a cheerful and comfortable environment with its experienced and dynamic teaching staff.


Learning French at Stralang will allow you to discover the richness of French European culture in all its aspects. For your study abroad, our well trained and experienced staff will teach you French as a foreign language regardless of your level and your age.

Come and learn a new language using the most effective and proven methods keeping your individual needs in mind.