Here is the procedure you need to follow to complete your administrative registration:

For students who have enrolled for the first semester or both semestrs:

From May 2nd 2019

From the 2nd of May, you will need to get a payment attestation form for the “Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus” * (CVEC) by enrolling on the digital platform Here are the different steps:

  1. Sign up or log in to
  2. Write the name of the city you will be studying in (Strasbourg).
  3. Pay your CVEC (91 euros).
  4. Get your attestation form.

After following this procedure, you will have to fix an appointment with the institute’s administration (the “scolarité”) and fill in the registration dossier that will be given to you. On the day of your appointment, you will need to:

  1. Present your CVEC attestation.
  2. Present your registration dossier.
  3. Pay your entire tuition fee and for you Pass Campus card (student card).

The last procedure you will have to follow is visiting and enrolling in order to get your “Carte Vitale” and benefit from the reimbursement of your medical expenses.

Students who have enrolled for the second semester will have to follow these steps in January or February 2020.

                               Warning: Do not pay your Contribution vie étudiante et de campus before obtaining your visa.

*The CVEC is a replacement for the student social security.


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