E-TCF ANF (For French Nationality) Authorised Exam Centre

Please note: Our next TCF ANF session will take place in September 28th and 29th, 2020. 

In the current pandemic context, we apply the following hygiene measures the day before and the day of the exam:

* Hydro-alcoholic gel available at the entrance to the premises; all candidates must disinfect the principal before signing the payroll and settling in the room scheduled for the test.
* Wearing a mandatory mask.
* All equipment is disinfected before each pass.
* A social distance of 1.50m will be respected between each person.
* No guide will be allowed on the premises for any reason.

For any request for information concerning the test, please send us an email at [email protected]


Please download the  E-TCF ANF Registration Form to register.

TCF for French nationality (ANF)

Since 1 January 2012, Stralang Institute is an Authorised Examination Centre for the TCF ANF examination. Applicants to the French citizenship will need to prove their mastery of oral French at a B1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

For whom? Applicants to the French nationality through marriage or naturalisation.

Offered since January 2012, the TCF for French nationality (TCF ANF) was specially designed to comply with the new regulations introduced by the French Ministry of the Interior (decree 2011-1265 of 11 October 2011) setting the oral B1 level (oral comprehension and expression examinations) as the required level of French for applicants to the French nationality.

As an exception, applicants who passed the TCF TP completed with an oral expression examination or the TCF for Quebec (with and oral expression and a comprehension examination) at a B1 level are exempt from taking the test.

DELF B1, B2 or DALF C1, C2 certificate holders are also exempt from taking the test, as well as holders of the general TCF certification, provide they have passed the optional speaking examination and validated at least a B1 level in both oral comprehension and expression.

What are the TCF ANF test conditions?

The “TCF for French nationality” comprises two compulsory examinations:

  • Oral comprehension (29 questions).
    Duration: 30 minutes.
    Test conditions: common examination room.
  • Oral expression (3 tasks).
    Duration: 12 minutes.
    Test conditions: individual interview with an examiner. You will be informed of the date and location after the oral comprehension examination. The date and time will be decided within the week following the first examination, depending on the number of candidates and on the examiner’s availability.

Since 1 January 2012, applicants to the French citizenship must prove they master the oral French language at a B1 level (i.e. in activities such as listening, having a conversation or speaking on one's own) as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

For the TCF, a B1 level is achieved when the candidate obtains both:

  • a score of at least 300 points for the oral comprehension;
  • a score of at least 6/20 for the oral expression.

Your “TCF for French nationality” certification is only valid for an application to the French citizenship by marriage or naturalisation. You cannot use it to apply, for example, to a French university, or to file an immigration application for Quebec.

You can take the “TCF for French nationality” as many times as you wish.

You must, however, wait one month between each TCF examination, regardless of the type of application (TCF TP or TCF ANF).

For instance: if you take the TCF ANF (or any other TCF examination) on 20 January, you will not be allowed to register to the same test before 20 February of the same year.

N.B. In the event of failure, you can contact the prefecture, which is the only authorised public authority to offer an individual interview with a prefecture agent to have your language level tested without having to retake the test [decree no. 2013-794 of 30 August 2013].

When will I get my certificate and where can I collect it from?

Your results are sent to the test centre within 20 days (excluding weekends and public holidays) after the paper tests are received by the CIEP. Your certificate is to be collected directly from the centre where you took the “TCF for French nationality” examinations.

How long is my “TCF for French nationality” certification valid?

Your certification will be valid for two years.

For example, if you took the “TCF for French nationality” examinations on 18 June 2015, your certification would be valid until 17 June 2017. Past this date, your certification will no longer be valid.

Is there any way to be exempt from taking the “TCF for French nationality”?

You are exempt from taking the “TCF for French nationality” if you already hold:

  • a diploma attesting a level of French superior or equal to the Vbis level (according to the nomenclature of diplomas), i.e. the French certificate of general education, the CAP or the BEP;
  • the DELF B1, DELF B2 or DALF (C1 or C2);
  • a valid general TCF certification completed with an oral expression test (subject to having obtained at least a B1 level in oral comprehension and expression);
  • a valid general TCF for Quebec (subject to having obtained at least a B1 level in oral comprehension and expression).

There are other possible cases: if you are 60 years or older, if you cannot read/write, if you are disabled or if you have studied in French and/or passed a diploma in a francophone country, you can contact the prefecture before applying to the TCF ANF in order to check your eligibility for an individual interview with a prefecture agent [decree no. 2013-794 of 30 August 2013].

How much is it?

The test costs €150, to be paid by bank transfer, check or cash to the Institute.

Please note:  Your registration will be considered complete only after your payment has been received in due time.


The France Education International official website: http://www.ciep.fr/en/tcf-anf
Click here to read the Candidate's Manual


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