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The TFI is now correlated to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

The TFI is a French language proficiency test for people working or seeking to work in a French-speaking environment for whom French is a second language.


What are the advantages of the TFI?

French is spoken daily by more than 170 million people around the world and is widely used in international and professional environments. A student willing to study or work in a francophone country or work in a multilingual international environment can testify his French language proficiency level with the test’s results, acknowledged worldwide as valid and reliable.

Who uses this test?

  • Managers and human resources departments for recruitment.
  • Companies using the test to define a language level according to a position.
  • Universities and higher education institutions to certify French language proficiency; the results are also used as admission criteria or to validate a diploma.
  • Language schools to create homogenous level groups and to certify a student’s progress at the end of a programme.
  • Students and employees choose to take the test to assess their proficiency level in an academic or professional environment.

How is it marked?

The results depend on the number of correct answers. All the correct answers of each section are converted into a single grade according to a predefined rating system.

Each candidate receives three test scores: one for the “listening section”, another one for the “reading section”, and a final global score which is the sum of the two scores. For the two examinations, the minimum score is 5 and the maximum score is 495 points. Consequently, the final result score ranges from 10 to 990 points. The assessment system used to convert the scores on a common scale guarantees that two similar results correspond to an equivalent level in French.

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What is the TOEIC?

For more than 35 years, the TOEIC test has been the global standard for measuring workplace English-language communication skills. The TOEIC assessment family, including the TOEIC Listening and Reading test and the TOEIC Bridge test are used by more than 14,000 businesses, organisations, and government agencies in 150 countries around the world.

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing has joined the TOEIC family since 2009 to assess a candidate’s oral and written expression proficiency level.


- International recognition,
- reliable results: the tests are corrected twice, sometimes three times (human correction),
- personalised assessment and detailed score results,
- mapped to the CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The creation process of the different TOEIC tests is on par with the highest quality standards, in order to insure reliable, valid and fair results.

Why should you take the TOEIC Speaking and Writing examination?

Students and employees report their TOEIC scores on their resume, for a reliable assessment of their English language proficiency level.

The score report lists their speaking and writing scores in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Scores overview

The ranking is between 10 and 990 points:

255 - 400: Elementary Proficiency. Speaker has functional, but limited proficiency. Able to maintain very simple one-to-one conversations on familiar topics.

405 - 600: Elementary Proficiency Plus. The candidate can initiate and maintain predictable one-to-one conversations and satisfy limited social demands.

605 - 780: Limited Working Proficiency. Able to satisfy most social demands and limited work requirements.

785 - 900: Working Proficiency Plus. Able to satisfy most work requirements with language that is often, but not always, acceptable and effective.

905 - 990: International Professional Proficiency. Able to communicate effectively in any situation.


The TOEIC test is not an exam to pass or fail. 

The required English proficiency level may be different depending on your occupation or assignment. The TOEIC assesses different proficiency level as it has been specially designed to evaluate the different use of language in a professional setting. The candidates can assess and certify with this test their professional English language proficiency level.

Many companies rely on the TOEIC to define their criteria and require from their employee a minimum TOEIC score, corresponding to a specific position. It doesn’t mean that the person has achieved or failed at this test. It only means that their English proficiency level  matches the criteria defined by a specific company or a specific language institute.

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