Cultural outing to the "pains d'épices" shop, Mireille Oster.
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Cultural outing to the "pains d'épices" shop, Mireille Oster. This visit allowed our students to know how to make traditional pains d'épices, but also to taste different kinds of pains d'épices.
Excursion to Batorama
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70 years old, this walk on the ill's river allows to admire the wonders of Strasbourg in a new angle.
Visit the Museum of Fine Arts and the Rohan Palace
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Rohan Palace Strasbourg, one of the most beautiful architectural achievements of the eighteenth century French, symbolizes the culmination of the meeting between two outstanding personalities, Cardinal Armand Maximilian Gaston de Rohan-Soubise, Prince-Bishop of Strasbourg, and Robert de Cotte, first architect of the king.
Why Strasbourg? 
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Strasbourg is an ideal place to learn the French language and culture. It is also the capital of Europe and the temporary home of 10,000 foreign students, which is perfect to discover other cultures and build great friendships!
English tests: which one is adapted to your needs?
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Average cost, validity period, marking system… The existing English tests are quite different in a multitude of matters. Here is all the necessary information to choose the right English test for you.
Is French an international language?
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How many francophones are there in the world? Where are they and what is their French like? How many people can speak French in Europe, Africa, America and Asia? In what countries is French a language for teaching? What is the future of the French language in Africa? What is “francophonie économique”? What is the place of French on the internet?
Merry Christmas !
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Hello everyone! During this Christmas period, we organized a Christmas party with quizzes, games, songs, meals and dances. Gifts were given to each winner.



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