The Saint-Jean fair
The traditional fair Saint-Jean made its big return on June 23 at the Parc des Expositions du Wacken and ended last Sunday, at the same time as the World Cup football.
National Day
On July 14, Strasbourg, like many French cities, celebrated the National Day. Back to the historical background of the event and the various events that marked this symbolic day.
Typical French Expressions!
French idioms!
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Everyone knows that we French people love to use expressions when talking. Here is a video from ‘Français avec Pierre’ with a few of them! Try it! Enjoy!
Julian has been a student in Stralang
We also run at Stralang
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Why you should make your studies in Strasbourg?
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Strasbourg is both an old and young city which is really dynamic and has many advantages to welcome you in the best way. Choosing to study in Strasbourg means opting for the cohabitation between History and modernity.
Book fle Hachette Cosmopolite stralang
Stralang in FLE Books!
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The French publisher ‘Hachette’ created in 1826 by Louis Hachette the publishing house is the first editorial group in France today. Last month they released a new French learning method (FLE) in A1 (beginner) level named ‘Cosmopolite’.
At Stralang, summer school has started!
learn the French
Are you interested in languages? What better way to take advantage of summer vacations than to develop new language skills? Since July 2, the most motivated have reinvested the classrooms of the institute to learn the French language in a friendly atmosphere.
10 Tips to learn French quickly
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You surely already heard multiple times that French is a difficult language to learn. No, French is no more difficult than English, German or any other languages. With the appropriate tools it is entirely possible to make your learning of French enjoyable. Here are 10 tips that may be helpful in your learning.
Events for june
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June! A little bit more than one month before the end of the school year. It is the last straight line before a well deserved rest. However, Stralang will continue to serve you during the summer months in July and August before continuing with the new school year in September. In the meantime these are the events not to be missed in June. Courage everyone!
Strasbourg and Kehl, the extension of line D of the tramway will enable you to visit a German city in 20 minutes.
Going to Germany with the tram!
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Strong symbol of the development of relations between Strasbourg and Kehl, the extension of line D of the tramway will enable you to visit a German city in 20 minutes.



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