Visit the Alsatian Museum

Visit the Alsatian Museum in Strasbourg with our students.

The Alsatian Museum provides the visitor with a charming tour through old Strasbourg homes connected by wooden staircases and passageways. It presents thousands of objects that illustrate rural life in Alsace in the 18th and 19th centuries: costumes, furniture, ceramic objects, toys, religious and secular imagery, etc. A visit to this museum is punctuated by reconstructions of characteristic interiors from different parts of Alsace (agricultural plain, vineyard, Vosges Mountains) and of the workshops of craftsmen.

Certain rooms are quite faithful replicas of rural interiors, such as the Stùb (common room) of a Wintzenheim farm, while others are more imaginative such as the kitchen and, in particular, the workshop of the pharmacist-alchemist.

Visitors circulate amongst the items comprising the Alsatian Museum as though they were wandering through a home whose inhabitants had just stepped out. The creaking floors, the furniture filling the rooms and all of the various objects, none of which is insignificant, speak of a time that is both so familiar and yet so very different from today’s life.

To give the collections their second wind, the Alsatian Museum regularly organises many events and exhibitions that highlight its constant effort to build bridges between the past and the present, tradition and modernity.





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