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Stralang in FLE Books!


*wordplay with FLE and Fantastic. FLE is the French term for French as a foreign language. 


Good news for Stralang! 

The French publisher ‘Hachette’ created in 1826 by Louis Hachette the publishing house is the first editorial group in France today. Last month they released a new French learning method (FLE) in A1 (beginner) level named ‘Cosmopolite’. As a higher education establishment we try to keep informed about the new releases concerning FLE in order to optimize and diversify our teaching methods. Which also allows us to extend our contents. A few days ago we had the pleasant surprise of discovering that our school appeared in ‘Cosmopolite - A1’. Being a structure offering French courses as a foreign language, it is very rewarding to find oneself in a lesson intended for lovers of our language. We see this event as a new way of sharing our knowledge.

book fle A1 Hachette Cosmopolite  stralang

Book fle A1 Hachette Cosmopolite  stralang

Book fle A1 Hachette Cosmopolite  stralang

Moreover, we would like to thank Hachette and the authors of the textbook who thought fit to integrate our school in their pedagogical program.

Stralang will continue to offer its services in the best ways and encourage the learning of French.

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