French summer classes in Strasbourg!

Summertime is for many of us a moment to rest, to go on vacation, to fulfill our dreams. Who has not ever dreamed of learning a foreign language in the country of said language? Why not take the opportunity of summer and spend your holidays in France at Strasbourg.


Learning a language takes time and we do not always have the time to totally focus on that. Summer is an appropriate time for these projects and French is a language spoken by more than 200 million people in the world. So why not you as well? Why not come to France to learn French? Why not choose Strasbourg in favor of a larger city but also perhaps more expensive? Strasbourg is a major border city of Europe and welcomes international students from all over the world. But it is also a city where it is good to live and which offers you many activities. So why not choose Stralang which is a private school of higher education for French as a foreign language (FLE) ? Stralang offers its teaching services whether you are a junior or an adult.

Stralang offers summer courses during the months of July and August. These courses are offered as follows: 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks between 03 July 2017 and 29 August 2017. You can choose between two programs; Standard or intensive. With the standard program you are entitled to 3 hours of classes and one hour of tutoring offered per week. The intensive program entitles you to 3 hours of classes per day followed by an hour of conversation or phonetics and 3 hours of tutoring offered per week in addition to the cultural outings which are part of each student's program.

With its young and dynamic team Stralang will welcome you during the summer session or even more if you wish. In addition to the morning classes, the establishment also offers cultural activities that will put you in a situation of discussion with local Francophones to help your speaking and your listening comprehension. Classes are held in the morning from 9am to 12pm for all students (standard and intensive) followed by a conversation course for intensive students. Tutoring is offered to students at an hour per week for students enrolled in standard and 3 hours per week for students enrolled in intensive.

So why not spend the summer with us while enjoying the ideal geographical position of Strasbourg which will allow you to visit not only the rest of France and the region but also the border countries of Strasbourg starting with Germany which is at a 20-minutes tram ride from Strasbourg’s city center.


Stralang will accompany you in your efforts and our team is there to answer all your questions then don’t hesitate come to register!


You can find the details of our offers for summer courses by clicking on the following links:

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STRALANG - Efficient French courses taught by a dynamic and experienced team in a cheerful and comfortable environment.


Stralang offers complete training and courses in Strasbourg. The city, located in the heart of Europe, is the ideal setting to learn a new language. Our experienced teachers use proven methods to teach French as a Foreign Language (FFL) regardless of your level and your age. Our Institute is located in the heart of the University campus with its 50,000 students of all nationalities. With Stralang, live the French experience and broaden your horizon: France will become your home and French your passion.