Mirjana, Serbia
Hello,My name is Mirjana Marinkovic. I come from Serbia. I have been a student in one of the very first groups in this school in 2010.Stralang, situated in Strasbourg, helped me to possess quickly knowledge of the basic French thanks to a very good team of teachers. Furthermore, I had in this school, the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, discovering their immaterial wealth. In my course, I made longlife friends...
Carmen, Spain
My name is Carmen, I am 19 years old and I am from Spain. I have stayed at Stralang for ten months to learn French and I am very happy with the results. Besides they use specific methods to help us pass the TCF and DELF exams. In my opinion, thanks to this school (and especially to my dear teacher Marie-Line), I have learnt a lot about the French culture and the one of other countries in the world, because Stralang students come from everywhere. The atmosphere is great and I really liked the fact that there are about seven students in each class so it is easier to express oneself. This is why I advise you to come to Stralang, but be careful because then you might never want to leave it anymore !!
Kübra, Turkey
I registered in Stralang to improve my French during my holidays in 2011. I can say without any hesitation that it’s been the best holidays in my life. Stralang encourage us to learn French through different activities they propose. Thanks to the teaching staff composed of very competent teachers Stralang is much more than just a language school. It is a meeting place for people from all around the world. That’s why I chose Stralang once more for an English course this time. I advise Stralang to every body ! You will always find a reason to come back to Stralang once gone !
Cornelia, Austria
My name is Cornelia Lindinger and I have been learning French in Stralang for 4 months.I like the environment and the dynamic lessons. Moreover, the number of students is small enough to talk and exchange about discussions. I’m very happy to be here.
Turhan Hüseynov
Turhan Hüseynov, Azerbaijan
Hello,I am Turkhan Huseynli, a master student from Azerbaijan. I am very happy that I have choosen Stralang to learn french. I have learnt french very fast at Stralang. I feel myself lucky to be a student of Stralang. This school offers very good conditions for students and teachers are doing their best to teach french.I recomment all foreign students to be a part of this lovely school and to learn french with them.I am sure students will never feel any regret by choosing Stralang.STRALANG is the best in this field.
Tatiana, Russia
Hello,My name is Tatiana, I come from Russia. I have been studying in Stralang for 9 months. I’m happy to be able to understand French. Teachers are very nice and I think that the lessons are good.



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Stralang offers complete training and courses in Strasbourg. The city, located in the heart of Europe, is the ideal setting to learn a new language. Our experienced teachers use proven methods to teach French as a Foreign Language (FFL) regardless of your level and your age. Our Institute is located in the heart of the University campus with its 50,000 students of all nationalities. With Stralang, live the French experience and broaden your horizon: France will become your home and French your passion.