Bibiana, Slovakia
Enter the French world. You will find a good environment; the teachers are very kind because they help us with pleasure.Just pass the evaluation test, the teachers will choose the right level for you.
 Priscila Maria ;
Priscila Maria, Brazil
My name is Maria Priscila, I’m Brazilian from Minas Gerais, a city surrouned by mountains. It’s cold here and there is never snow! So, when I was in Strasbourg in 2009, I was completely frozen, except when I was at STRALANG, this is a real welcoming institution. I was 19 at the time and I had the chance to meet many people of all ages and cultures. STRALANG helped me to progress in French and also make friends that I still have today. I really want to thank STRALANG for being that responsible and serious in teaching French language and providing care and services of quality to foreigners.Thank you very much!
Dr. Michal K.
Dr. Michal K., Page Czech Republic
Hi, my name is Michal. I am originally from the Czech Republic and at my age of 38 years, I recently returned to Europe to be closer to my roots after practicing medicine in the U.S. for more than 10 years. In selecting a language school, I opted for quality over size or fame, and therefore chose Stralang for its human size and welcoming ambiance. In addition to Stralang’s small classes (4-8 students) and friendly atmosphere, I appreciated that lessons included colloquial expressions and slang to help students speak more naturally in daily conversation. I also enjoyed Stralang’s bonding outdoor activities...
Anya, Russia
I stayed with Stralang for 3 months. It was a very pleasant and productive experience. I really progressed with my French. I appreciated my teacher Marie-Line very much and my fellow students. The lessons were interesting and interactive. Everyone in my class was motivated to learn the language. I also liked cultural trips we had gone for with our teachers. Generally speaking, the ambience at school was great and I really always felt like going to my classes. If I could come back to this language school, I would do it with pleasure.
Eric, USA
I can strongly recommend Stralang. I have made the most of my French course in this language school. Stralang experienced teachers challenge you in an enriching way. Their personal investment in their courses is significant. They are intelligent and have a thorough knowledge of the French language. You are going to learn French with the help of several methods. In the end, I can say that Stralang is a language school that makes a very good impression.
Uyana, Mongolia
Hello! My name’s Uyanga and I’m from Mongolia. I’m really happy to give a testimony for STRALANG. I’ve been studying here for one semester and I’ll finish at the end of my second semester. This school seems to be the best and the teachers are excellent too. Before coming to STRALANG I had difficulties speaking and writing in French, now I think that I speak much better and with confidence. I’m very proud of my teacher because I’ve made huge progress thanks to her: she’s called Marie-Line. She is very responsible and puts her heart into teaching. I’m here to prepare for the DELF and I really hope that my project will become reality. Without doubt come to us if you’re feeling confused by French. This is why I’m giving you this advice with pleasure, you will simply succeed, even though French is sometimes a struggle! So, it would be better to come to STRALANG! Thank you Marie-Line from the bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done for me! And thank you STRALANG.



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Stralang offers complete training and courses in Strasbourg. The city, located in the heart of Europe, is the ideal setting to learn a new language. Our experienced teachers use proven methods to teach French as a Foreign Language (FFL) regardless of your level and your age. Our Institute is located in the heart of the University campus with its 50,000 students of all nationalities. With Stralang, live the French experience and broaden your horizon: France will become your home and French your passion.