Majid, Suudi Arabistan

Majid AlQurashi

I am Majid AlQurashi and I came from Saudi Arabia to France for my high studies since the last year. If you really want to learn the French language from its origins, I advise you to join the team of STRALANG being given that it is well equipped by the best methods of professional management and by the best professors who have helped me learn the structure of the language, discover the beautiful city of Strasbourg and the French culture. Here, the environment, the close distance between the professors and the students, the welcoming, and all the rest gave me the opportunity to participate in the world of French language.


Majid from Saudi Arabia



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Learning French at Stralang will allow you to discover the richness of French European culture in all its aspects. For your study abroad, our well trained and experienced staff will teach you French as a foreign language regardless of your level and your age.

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